“I do a lot of exercises and study hard, but I can’t speak Italian.”

I’ve heard this statement so many times every time I’ve met a new student for the first time.
You might have thought this too if you’ve already tried to study Italian.
You might have:

bought a lot of grammar books that you find boring;

watched hours and hours of videos and listened to hundreds of podcasts but you feel overwhelmed;

done a lot of exercises correctly, but you are still wondering why you do them well and you make mistakes while trying to use the rules you learned in the conversation;

spent hours using apps that help you memorise new words that you forget to put together while trying to speak.

All these tools are good to learn a new language. However, they let you down because most of the time they do not focus on the real goal you have: conversation.


It seems that in order to start speaking, you first need to accumulate grammar and lexical content, and only then can you begin using it verbally.


By following this path, the goal of speaking Italian can seem distant and difficult to attain.


You start losing your motivation to learn the language.

You also feel overwhelmed because you’ve just refilled your brain with a lot of content and information, and you never find the opportunity to empty it by using them.


We, as human beings and language students, want to talk and use the language immediately without waiting to have the right amount of information.

Let me tell you something:

I know what that MEANS because I used to FEEL the same way.

Before being a teacher, I was a language student: I studied English and French. As a student, I used to be good and have good notes but the approach I was taught was too much grammar-oriented. This caused me a lot of problems during my first trips in France and England.


Therefore I know what it means:

→ To feel stuck;

→ To need help and not be able to ask for it;
→ Not to be able to express your thoughts;
→ Not to be able to enjoy a trip in the country where the language is spoken.


Actually, I was even worse. As a language student at university, no one expects you to struggle in speaking.


I used to be overwhelmed, and I kept making the same mistake: studying more and more and pushing myself to do more grammar exercises.

I had to learn Spanish to realise that we can learn a language without being so stressed by grammar and a lot of pages to study.

The approach that I had with the Spanish language was completely different.
I learned it while I was using it in real conversations. I pushed myself to speak even though my grammar knowledge was almost zero.


This is why I decided to use a different style as a teacher: I want my students to start speaking from day 1. I want them to start using the language in respect of their level, their knowledge, and their abilities.

So, let me introduce you to my program “Italian classes for beginners”!

These classes are made for you as a beginner student who wants to start speaking Italian from day 1.

Why is this program different from others?

When we write, we feel that we master a word and/or a grammar rule. However, the situation is different when we try to use the language orally. This is why everything is done by speaking. During the class with the teacher and the other students, the written exercises are really limited. You won’t have a book to follow, but what you need to do is watch your screen and follow the instructions for the oral exercises that I’ll give to you.


The class will have a minimum of three students and a maximum of 6. The group is therefore small. This allows us to interact with each other. The idea is to start talking in Italian straight away with the teacher and the other students.


We all know that practice and repetition are the keys to improving any skill, not only language. This is why, through the oral exercises, you’ll be asked to repeat the same content you need to learn in various different exercises.

As a beginner student, you might feel excited to start speaking right away but also scared because you don’t have any idea on how to do it.

Good news: all you need to do is to follow your computer screen, where everything will be written down. In the first classes, you might feel like you are just reading, but slowly, you’ll become familiar with what you read, and you will feel that you don’t need to look at your screen to speak.

For each lesson, there will be games and quizzes to complete together. By doing this, you’ll memorise what you learn in a fun way.


What else will you have?


After every lesson, you’ll receive everything we do during the class: materials, files, quizzes, flashcards, and so on. You’ll also have your homework to reinforce the topics learned with the teacher.

All the homework will receive personal corrections through email.

The feedback will be provided both during the class and afterward by email. I’ll take notes and offer suggestions on things you might want to work on or improve.

The only thing you need to do is attend the class and complete your homework. You don’t need to stress about buying books or searching for files.
I’ll set up a shared folder, and you’ll have everything organised there.

The course lasts 15 hours and will be spread over 10 weeks to have one hour and a half class per week.
All the lessons will be delivered online.

How much will all of this cost you?

10 lessons

90 minutes each


(£12,70 per lesson)

You need to invest only 127 pounds to have access to 15 hours of lessons, files, materials, quizzes, homework, and the professional feedback of your teacher.

After the 15 hours of lessons you’ll:

→ Be able to have your little Italian conversations;
→ Be familiar with some useful constructions;
→ Use some sentences without even thinking about them;
→ Develop a stronger affection for the Italian language and culture.

Let’s do a quick tour of the program:

You’ll be able to introduce yourself, giving some information about who you are, where you live, what you do.

You’ll be able to introduce other people and give information about them.

Most of the time, students focus on talking but they forget the importance of asking questions. We’ll go in depth!

After interacting with other people, we want to enjoy time together and share a meal or drinks at a bar or restaurant table. You’ll learn how to navigate such situations and how to order food and drinks in Italian.

The goal of these four topics is to improve speaking skills, with grammar and vocabulary being absorbed naturally through conversation.

This program is for you if:

🟩 You have never studied Italian before;

🟩 You have already studied Italian, but it was a long time ago and you need to review it;


🟩 You have already started studying Italian by yourself or with the support of a teacher, but you feel like you want to speak more;


🟩 You are genuinely committed to learning.

Remember: I will do my best as a teacher, but you also need to put in your best effort as a student. Learning is a collaborative effort, and success depends on both of us meeting halfway. Only in this way will the learning process truly be effective;

🟩 You also speak English. While the focus is on learning the Italian language, having a common second language (English) is essential to help explain unclear concepts. I also speak French and Spanish, but I won’t mix different languages during our lessons, as it could become confusing.

This program is not for you if:

🟥 You are a beginner student but already feel confident in orally using the topics presented above;

🟥 You are an intermediate or advanced student;

🟥 You don’t feel truly committed during this period of your life.

You are not sure yet?

You might be thinking “I don’t know if this group is the best option for me” or “maybe I’m too advanced”. In this case, you can book a FREE call with me, lasting around 15-30 minutes, to explain your doubts and see if it really suits you.


This is an online course and all the lessons will be done through Zoom. 

No, it is a group course. The group will have no more than 6 students.

At the moment, I do not have any other beginners group therefore I cannot move students from one group to another one. 

You have the right to a full refund if you decide not to carry on with the lesson after the first or second lesson. From the third one, I do not arrange any refund (total or partial). 

If the teacher realises that the whole group is struggling with a topic, we’ll review it all together. If just one or two students have problems, they can contact me through email and I’ll try to give a deep explanation through email. If that is not enough, the student can always book a private lesson. 

The dates have been decided and therefore they cannot be amended. The teacher reserves the right to cancel a date if she needs to do it (in extreme situations). The amendment will be communicated in advance and the lesson will be postponed or cancelled. In this second case, the student will receive a refund for the amount of the cancelled lesson.

This is a group lesson and if a student misses one or two classes, he or she will forfeit that lesson(s) and won’t receive any refund. 

A student has the right to receive a full refund before the course starts and only if he/she decides to stop the course but the decision has to be taken in the first or second lesson. From the third lesson, any refund will be arranged. A student can have partial refunds if a lesson is cancelled by the teacher. The partial refund will be the amount of the cancelled lesson. The student doesn’t have the right to receive a partial refund for missed classes.

You can decide to stop the course. If you decide it during the first two lessons, you have the right to receive a full refund. From the third lesson you won’t receive any refund. 

Yes, there is. The group lessons are for adults; therefore all the students are required to be 18 years old or over. 

This course is run based on a minimum number of enrollments. The payment is required in advance in order to confirm the student’s place, the number of the students attempting the course and to guarantee the start of the course. 

The course will start with a minimum of 3 people. 

At the moment, I do not have any other beginner group, therefore you won’t be able to recover the missing lesson.

In this case, the lesson won’t take place and the course will be extended. 

With an 15-hour course, unfortunately we won’t cover all the topics necessary to be an intermediate. Therefore you will still be a beginner but you’ll be an intermediate in the beginners level.

About Mariagrazia and Fun Italian Journey

I’m Italian and I’m a teacher. I teach Italian as a second language.

I felt that I wanted to be an Italian teacher in France, back in 2016. I was working at public schools as an Italian language assistant.

Although the experience was amazing, I realised that I didn’t want to teach at schools.

I enjoyed working more in preparing lessons and classes and delivering them to motivated and committed people. I found out about it by chance when, always in France, I used to help adults learn Italian.

When I moved to England, I left my teaching job for a couple of years but I realised that I was missing it. This is why I first started to collaborate with Italian language schools and then opened my online school, Fun Italian Journey.

Fun Italian Journey is for people who love the Italian language and culture. Our mission is to bring the Italian language into people’s lives, connect individuals from all around the world who share a passion for the Italian language, and make them feel like a part of Italian culture.

Over the past few years, I have had more than 100 students.
This is what they say:

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